If you are here that means you want to know more about us. That’s a great first step. The next step would be us trying to impress you. To tell you about the amazing prizes we have won, the global brands that we have worked with and our leading position in the market. But we won’t, because we can’t, because we just started out. And even though these are things that we can’t claim, here is what we can tell you: Play is young production company, with lots of experience and a vision. Between us, our years of work in the filmmaking business count up to a lifetime. Our vision is to bring together creative minds, technology freaks, experienced storytellers, the young and curious, and to bring out the best in them. This kind of creative interaction can never be described as work, as long as we are creating content that we love and are passionate for. This sums up what Play is all about, and we wouldn’t want to say more, as we firmly believe in Plato’s view on the subject: “You can discover more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

So. Wanna Play?








Our Director-In-Chief, literally and figuratively, Vangelis is the driving force behind Play Productions. He brings to the table decades of experience as a commercial director, and has numerous awards to show for it by the Greek Association of Marketing and Advertising Agency (EDEE) and equivalent associations abroad. His love for filmmaking culminated in “Play”, a 30’ short film he completed in 2017, which has won numerous awards in Short Film Festivals around the world.

After years of engaging in co-productions with the biggest advertising agencies in Greece as well as internationally, Vangelis finally decided to put his Producer’s hat on for good. His desire to apply the same care and proficiency that he does in directing to all stages of the production process, is what lead him to founding Play Productions, and his (almost compulsive) perfectionism will ensure that he does.



Our team’s young blood producer may not count decades of experience in filmmaking, but she makes up for it by an unusually diversified background. Her work in marketing, advertising, commercial photography and video productions has given her a well rounded grasp of the business in a short time, and the tools to move on to bigger and better things. Her continuous on-the-side relationship with translations, publications and philosophy might seem at odds with the above, but there is a common thread that runs through them: her enthusiasm for all things new and her aptness in communication and organization, that makes her thrive in Play.



The combination of Grigoris’ ceaseless creativity with a commercial background and mind is what made him fit right in the world of advertising, and what makes him invaluable for Play. Grigoris has been in communications for several years and has worked as a Creative Director, in a variety of international and local projects, clients and sectors. His experience in creating and implementing 360 projects, helped him cultivate an integrated way of thinking and behaving.

He has the pleasure to enjoy the fruits of his efforts, with many success stories and recognizable brand campaigns in the local and international market, and, of course, numerous awards to “ice the cake”.